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Real Estate Investment in Horseshoe Bend Arkansas

Horseshoe Bend is a small city nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks in Northern Arkansas.  Located on Strawberry River, Horseshoe Bend is ideally located to access the scenic highways of Arkansas.  Horseshoe Bend is Izard County’s largest city covering over 14,000 acres and it sports a population of over 2,000 residents. It is popular vacation or retirement spot as the area has multiple lakes, two golf courses, low taxes and no air or noise pollution.  The town offers hotels, restaurants, two resorts, convenient shopping, a library, a spa, music and other venues.  If you are a land investor this community is primed for growth with a marina, RV Park, fine dining, tennis, and the championship golf courses.  It is an excellent area to invest in a getaway or retirement home.  Land is inexpensive and taxes are low.  One can hold on to the property and do nothing with it or develop the property clearing the lot for camping, a home, or getaway cottage.


Horseshoe Bend enjoys all four seasons in a temperate climate with mild winters and summers.  Summers average around 80°F while winters average about 40°F.  With a low crime rate, beautiful scenery, and a slower lifestyle, you’ll feel you’ve found paradise.  If you are a small business owner the City of Horseshoe Bend is positioning itself to bring new jobs and business opportunities to the area. Contact the local government as there are several commercial and industrial properties available for new development.  Horseshoe Bend city is looking to work with small businesses and develop a thriving community.


Check out Arkansas Economic Development Commission website for additional information on starting a business in the great state of Arkansas!

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