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Why is it good for Generation Y to buy land?

April 2016 Newsletter

April 17, 2016


Why is it good for Generation Y to buy land?

Generation Y is all grown up.  Roughly born between 1978 & 1990, they range in age from about 26 to 35.  They have been seen as the generation that enjoys renting.  They are now looking for more.  Interest in homeownership is increasing as assets increase.  The desire for more privacy, security, room to raise a growing family, all means Gen Yers are becoming interested in buying property.  It is not just homes they are interested in buying.  Vacant land is of interest to them also.  Land is seen as an investment that can be developed and enjoyed.  A piece of land can be that getaway spot needed to go camp, hunt, or simply decompress from a busy life in the city. 73% of Gen Yers live in the city or suburbs so owning vacant land in the county can be that private escape oasis.  Living in the city often means you have to rent because of expensive.  Raw land may be that first affordable property purchase that a Gen Yer does.  Right now land can be inexpensive to buy in some very nice places ideal for camping or building a vacation home.  Gen Yers are starting to yearn for that place they can own.  They are looking for a sanctuary away from everyday city life.  If you are a Gen Yer looking for your own piece of land away from the city that you can escape to just check out our properties. Our vacant land is inexpensive.  It’s an investment, and it’s yours to do with as you please.  Escape from the city and go camping.  Build that dream vacation home or just hang on to it as a solid investment that won’t disappear as stocks do.  You decide because you own it.  That’s the beauty of it.  It’s the American Dream.

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