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PV Homeland Properties LLC is a privately owned business focused on investing in raw land. Breaking away from the traditional Wall Street philosophy we like the idea of getting back to basic land and providing our customers a solid long term low risk investment they can enjoy for a lifetime.


Investor Info

Why invest in Raw Land?

There are many reasons to invest in raw land.

  • There are no buildings or structures to maintain or pay taxes on.
  • The property can be used for recreation as it appreciates in value.
  • You can improve the land’s value by intelligently choosing to make certain improvements.
  • Property can easily be passed down to heirs
  • You can use the land as an “off-the-grid” home or vacation property, or a retreat in case of civil unrest or natural disaster.
  • As the population grows, undeveloped land will become scarce and possibly more valuable.

If you’re tired of the stock market roller coaster, land is the solid investment for you.

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PV Homeland Properties LLC
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